Explore all that Ito has to offer


At Komuroyama Park on Mt. Komuro, you can enjoy seasonal flowers throughout the year. Blessed with over 100,000 azaleas of 40 varieties, the Azalea Garden is a must-see. In April, the stunning landscape spans out like a paved red carpet. The Azalea Tunnel, lined with azaleas taller than the average person on both sides, is a popular spot for taking photogenic pictures! In addition, the annual Azalea Festival is a major event that attracts many tourists from all over the country. With 4000 camellias of 1000 varieties planted and rare flowers to see at the Camellia Garden, the Camellia Exhibition will be held from February to March, featuring single-flower vases and flower arrangements.

At the summit of Mt. Komuro, there is an observation deck where you can enjoy a spectacular 360 panorama of Mt. Fuji to the north, Sagami Bay with its floating white sails to the east, the faraway Boso Peninsula and Izu Islands to the south, and the Amagi mountains to the west, all while breathing in the pristine air. At an altitude of 321m, your trip to the summit will be guided on a refreshing sightseeing lift, operated at a slow speed so that you can enjoy the scenery. For the elderly and customers with pets, you rest assuredly while using the lift.